ITS para Transparencia, Eficiencia y Sostenibilidad en los Sistemas de Movilidad

Paper Submission



We solicit submissions of high-quality full papers reporting original and novel research results on all topics of interest (listed below).


Papers must be written in English, or Spanish unpublished and not submitted elsewhere. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed. Critical parameters will include originality, significance, relevance, technical soundness, and language clarity.


Full papers (with max 6 pages) will be presented in English or Spanish languages.


Papers written in Spanish or must have abstract, title and keywords in English.


Approved paper will be indexed in IEEE Xplore.

Topics of interest


Areas of interest include and are not limited to the following topics:


ITS Services

• Traffic Management

• Payment Systems

• Traveller Information

• Public Transport

• Freight and Commercial Transport

• Intelligent Vehicle Safety

• Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperation

• Intelligent Road Infrastructure

• Communications and Technology Emerging

• Architectures Systems for smart cities

• Systems of Systems for smart cities

• Carpooling


Predictive Modelling

• Simulations to ITS applications

• Simulations for smart highways


Policy Development in ITS

• ITS policies

• ITS strategies to deploy ITS standards

• Impacts of ITS actions Plans

• Social interaction with ITS applications

• ITS Architectures and its development

• Challenges for interoperability of ITS

• New methodologies to design or implement ITS


IoT and ITS

• Internet of Things or Ubiquitous computing

• New roadside Units under services approaches

• Applying new electronics devices to ITS devices

• IoT and Location Bases Services for ITS

• IoT Data mining concepts

• Security and privacy in ITS used IoT as a key

• IoT applications focused on ITS

• Wireless Sensor Networks

• IoT, ITS, web Services


ITS and Cloud

• Cloud computing (ITS or smart cities scope)

• Service computing, Multi-agent system to delivering ITS services o Networking as a Service

• Big data

• Smart Cities Applications


Green ITS

• Eco Systems in ITS

• Electrical Cars

• Enable Electric Highways

• Collaborative Driving

• Web Technologies and Society

• Zero emissions systems


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